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Fidelity Insurance may also be called ‘Employee Dishonesty Insurance’ or ‘Crime Insurance’

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The word Fidelity means “faithfulness; adherence to right; careful and exact observance of duty, or discharge of obligations”

In simple terms, Fidelity Insurance is based on the meaning of the word “fidelity” - therefore, Fidelity Insurance is an insurance policy that protects a Business or Organisation against financial loss as a result of an employee’s and/or officeholder’s dishonesty [breach of fidelity].

Did you know:-

  • approximately 80% of workplace crime is carried out by employees; and

  • in almost all cases, theft of funds &/or property from non-profit organisations, associations & clubs is carried out by their very own officials?

Employee dishonesty is a crime; it can take many forms such as embezzlement of funds, false invoicing, theft of cash false inventory, payroll fraud and computer fraud to name a few however, such crime-related losses are not typically covered by property or liability insurance policies.

Similarly, dishonest acts of an organisation’s official, committee member &/or secretary which result in a financial loss to the organisation is also a crime; but once again not typically covered by property or liability insurance policies.

Thus, Fidelity insurance is a necessary piece of cover for any small businesses and organisation but, not all losses caused by employees or officials are covered; for instance,

  • losses caused by carelessness or by deliberate acts that were not intended to provide any gain for the employee or official would not be covered;

  • coverage does not extend to accounting errors.

  • write-downs of inventory at year-end due to shrinkage is not a claim, unless it can be tied to specific acts of an employee or acting with manifest intent.

Embezzlement is by far the most common form of ‘breach of fidelity’; often carried out by the very person/people entrusted with the financial heart of a business or organisation. It occurs at every level, from employee stealing money out of the till; a club secretary or treasurer betting the club’s membership dues on a horse; all the way through to millions of dollars siphoned out of sophisticated financial institutions by false invoicing; embezzlement is rife and getting worse.

Fidelity insurance doesn’t have to be a stand alone product; for instance, if a business or organisation takes out Management Liability insurance, Fidelity can often be incorporated as an inclusion for little or no extra cost but, with the benefit of adding a higher level of protection.

Management Liability Insurance is an absolutely brilliant insurance product; similar toDirectors & Officers insurance, it actually goes further by offering a wider scope of protection extending beyond ‘management’ to the company or organisation itself. Find out more about Management Liability Insurance by clicking here

Independent Contractors or Consultants – are not employees, nor are they necessarily officers of an organisation thus, any business or organisation using independent contractors or consultants in a capacity that touches upon their finances &/or property would be wise to insist on such contractors or consultants having their own Fidelity insurance as a mandatory requirement before providing services.  

Fidelity Bonds – are used in situations involving risk that an employee could steal from a third party. For example, a stock brokerage would bond employees to cover potential thefts from customers [third parties].

Unlike Fidelity Insurance, which involves two parties, the ‘insured’ and the ‘insurer’; Fidelity Bonds involve three parties.

  • the ‘Principal’ is the person who might cause the loss;
  • the ‘Obligee’ is the person who would collect if the Principal caused a loss; and
  • the ‘Surety is the entity that pays the loss. (The Insurer &/or the Surety Bond Issuer)

Find out more about Fidelity Bonds by clicking here


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We know what Fidelity insurance products are on offer; we know which underwriters are the best at it; who pays claims without complication; and who offers the widest range of protection for our clients at the most affordable price.

Warning:- Relying on the inclusion of Fidelity insurance as an ‘extra’ to a standard property or liability insurance policy might give a false impression that you’re adequately covered however, the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions affecting the fidelity cover generally link back to non-fidelity specific clauses in the policy which could render the cover worthless.  

It’s our job to get the right fidelity product for you; either as a stand alone policy or in combination with Management Liability Insurance and/or a Broad-Cover Property Insurance package designed to incorporate the specific requirements of fidelity.  

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