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RGIB is Australia’s leading insurance brokerage for Clubs, Community Associations, Not For Profit Organisations and Charities with a range of specialised insurance services and products to secure insurance cover at affordable rates.

Our services primarily cater to associations and organisations which comprise mainly of volunteers and that are predominantly involved in non-profit activities such as;

  • Local Musical and Drama Groups;
  • Creative Arts & Hobbies;
  • Sports & Special Interest Groups;
  • Cultural and Recreational Services; 
  • Citizen Associations and the like;
  • Religious Organisations;
  • Semi-Government Bodies;
  • National & State Sporting Bodies;
  • Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket;
  • Australian Football, Hockey etc.

Not Profit Organizations (NPO) are generally defined as an organisation formed for community purposes and that is not carried on for the profit or gain of individual members.

By and large most NPO's are community associations that have the following characteristics:

  • Provide services to the broader community;
  • Have a turnover/funding of no more than $5 million per annum;
  • Do not distribute profits to its members; and
  • Comprise mainly of volunteers.

Types of Insurance Products & Services

Community Associations and Organisations can be sued for liability just as a company can; in fact such organisations are often more of a target for law suits because in many ways a community organisation’s activities are of a wider range than a company’s, and often the activities are run by well meaning volunteers who might not necessarily hold the ideal degree of risk management skills.

While ‘Public Liability Insurance’ is the main focus of an organisation’s insurance program; a professional and experienced insurance broker such RGIB will analyze the organisation’s ‘risk profile’ and recommend what insurance should ought to be considered.

In most cases; insurance for an organisation can be packaged into a tailored insurance program covering such things as:-

Public liability Insurance - is necessary for any organisation as it protects against claims from third parties as a result of negligent acts, such as for example; a person who enters the organisation’s premises and slips due to a wet surface and sustains an injury. The organisation’s public liability policy should include cover for liability arising from products sold or supplied; [Product Liability Insurance] this is particularly relevant if you sell food or products either as part of your day-to-day activities or as part of a fundraising effort.

Special Events – Entertainers, Performers, Market Stalls & Fete’s -  most organisations run special events several times each year, whether for fund raising or as a community service, the liability exposures can be quite different to ordinary public liability especially where alcohol, beverages and food are provided to an ‘invited’ public. For instance; if non-related third parties such as market stall holders &/or entertainers and performers are invited to attend the event, the organisation will have an ‘Organisers’ liability exposure which if not specifically included in the organisation’s ordinary public liability cover, will need to be purchased separately.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - Office Bearers of a community association, club, non-profit organisation or charity often don’t appreciate that in undertaking their duties they also assume potentially large personal liabilities. These liabilities are incurred through the conduct of the activities or the provision by the organisation of services, and for the Wrongful Acts (alleged or otherwise) of Officers whilst acting on behalf of the organisation. Additionally, in certain circumstances such Officer Bearers can be held personally liable for the debts of the organisation. Laws such as;

• Companies Act 1993;   • Commerce Act 1986;   • Fair Trading Act 1986;
• Income Tax Act 2004;   • Dangerous Goods legislation;   • Environmental legislation;
• Workers Compensation legislation;   • Customs and Excise legislation;   • Occupational Health & Safety legislation;
• Other Common Law and Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination legislation….and more;

Even if something goes wrong for which you effectively had no part in, you could still find yourself embroiled in a costly dispute see Contributory Negligence Acts.

Management Liability insurance - is an important part of any organisation’s insurance cover; similar toDirectors & Officers insurance; Management Liability insurance actually goes further by offering a wider scope of protection extending beyond ‘management’ to the organisation itself.   Typical Claims against the management of an organisation - are usually based on allegations of negligence by the management; thus, if a claim is successful the award to a plaintiff could be made against either the management of the organisation; hence the necessity to cover both possibilities with Management Liability insurance.

Fidelity (Fraud) Insurance - The word Fidelity means “faithfulness; adherence to right; careful and exact observance of duty, or discharge of obligations”. In simple terms, Fidelity Insurance is based on the meaning of the word “fidelity” - therefore, Fidelity Insurance is an insurance policy that protects an Organisation against financial loss as a result of an employee’s and/or officeholder’s dishonesty [breach of fidelity]. in almost all cases, theft of funds &/or property from non-profit organisations, associations & clubs is carried out by their very own officials?

Worker's Compensation - In almost all cases, any organisation employing people will need to have a Workers Compensation insurance policy in place. In many circumstances, persons engaged as sub-contractors to organisations may be classed at law as ‘employees’ thus, it is vitally important to have an expert such as RGIB determine whether or not workers compensation cover applies. Severe penalties apply to employers and officers of an employer who fail to arrange workers compensation insurance when it is necessary to do so.

Personal Accident Insurance (Volunteer Insurance) – An Organisation utilizing the assistance of Volunteers, needs to pay particular attention to both the volunteer’s exposure to injury, and claims made for negligence against the volunteer personally, and/or the organisation. In most cases, a Volunteer will require insurance to cover themselves for personal financial loss as a result of an accidental injury received in the course of Voluntary assistance – similar to ordinary income protection insurance however; designed specifically for volunteers.

Building Insurance [including internal property] – Depending on the type of building the organisation is located at/in will determine what building insurance is required; if required at all. If the organisation is a casual tenant it might be that a Lessee Endorsement to the organisation’s public liability cover is all that is necessary however; if the organisation is the owner or primary lessee of the building it may be necessary for the organisation to insure the building for such perils as fire, storm, tempest, accidental damage,  burglary etc’. 

Property – if the organisation is not required to insure the building [where internal property might be included in the building insurance cover] it will likely be necessary to separately insure the property under a specific property insurance cover similar to a typical house’s ‘Contents’ cover for such perils as fire, storm, tempest, accidental damage,  burglary etc’. 

Regatta liability Insurance [competition, race and/or endurance insurance] - protects the organiser of a regatta, competition, race and/or endurance against law suits arising from bodily injury [and property damage] caused to participants – if caused by organiser’s negligence. Hosting such an event entails a unique set of responsibilities often misunderstood, and overlooked by clubs, their committees and event organisers who often don’t realize the difference/separation of insurance cover from ordinary club activities until it’s too late. A regatta liability policy will protect the organisers and those persons running the regatta including club members, employees, volunteers and the club itself both for Bodily Injury and Property Damage lawsuits.

Travel Insurance - If your organisation has a number of members or people regularly travelling on behalf of the organisation; whether within the country or overseas, it is often cost beneficial to arrange an ‘annual travel insurance cover’ that will provide those travelers with an automatic travel insurance cover without the need to complete new proposal forms each and every time they travel; it’ll only be one (1) discounted premium making travel a breeze.
This sort of annual travel insurance is similar to a Corporate Travel Insurance policy but, much cheaper.

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Risk Management Solutions For Community Events:

Every risk is different and it hard to foresee each and every risk that might be the cause of an injury or loss to property however, we can minimize risk be examining and addressing those identifiable circumstances giving rise to risk.

Please feel free to use the following risks checklists for your organisation.

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