Commercial Property Insurance  
Commercial Property Insurance

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Commercial properties come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so, it can get a bit tricky working out which insurance company’s policy best suits your particular needs.

RGIB is expert at securing clients the most appropriate insurance cover for their commercial property requirements; including for both Industrial Special Risks ‘ISR’ cover and Defined Perils policies.

So what’s the difference?

Well, in simplistic terms an ISR policy will cover any physical loss or damage to property; including an interruption to a business, from causes other than those specifically excluded. 

Whereas; a Defined Perils policy only covers the specific perils defined in the policy such as for instance; fire, storm, tempest, burglary etc’.  Simply put, if the loss isn’t the result of a defined peril you probably won’t be covered.

Both policies contain similar exclusions however, it is far more desirable to insure a commercial property for the wider cover available under an ISR policy than under a policy  limited to a set of defined perils only.

Depending on the client’s relationship to the property, ie;

• Owner/Landlord;
• Owner/Occupier;
• Tenant/Lessee;

it may be necessary to supplement the property cover with additional insurance for legal liability, product liability, machinery breakdown, marine transit, electronic equipment, aviation/marine-hull, vehicles & trucks or mobile machinery and/or for any other associated risks which relate to the property’s uses.

Indeed, putting together insurance cover for a commercial property of any size is not like assembling Ikea furniture; it’s a bit more of a Rubics Cube proposition requiring the skill of a professional insurance broker with a high degree of knowledge about commercial property risks.

RGIB is a leader in this particular area of insurance; we’re constantly negotiating with underwriters for better terms of cover for our clients; many of which have commercial properties with specific insurance requirements unique to their industry.

No mater what the size or complexity of your commercial property, RGIB will get you a better deal
on your commercial property insurance everytime.

• Specialising in:-
• Shops & Retail Premises   • Pubs Hotels & Motels      • Shopping Centres & Malls
• Apartment Blocks   • Office Buildings   • Warehouses & Outlets
• Yards & Depots    • Boat Marinas & Wharves   • Factories & Industrial Buildings
•Theaters & Cinemas   • Tourism Resorts    • Caravan Parks & Camping Grounds
and more;

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