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Building and Renovation Business Insurance

We are New Zealand's No' 1 insurance broker for the Builders,Trades and Construction industry with over 2,500 similar clients throughout the Australasian region.

Our insurance services cater to all sections of the building and construction industry, from self employed tradesman to large scale infrastructure builders and developers. We have access to New Zealand's leading insurers and other International insurance companies we can assure clients of a professional, efficient & fast service on the best available terms - and quotes are free.

Please choose the most appropriate section that best relates to your building or trades activity:-

Builders & Contractors
Trades & Domestic Maintenance

  Bathroom &/or Kitchen Manufacturer Alarm Installer & Home Security

Appliance Repair & Service

Carpenter & Joiner

Cleaner & Rubbish Removal

Electrician & Plumber

Fencer, Erector & Installer

Garage Doors & Gates

Gardener & Lawnmowing

Handyman & Home Maintenance

Landscaping & Paving

Painter & Decorator

Pest Control & Termite Inspection

Pool & Spa Maintenance

Refrigeration & Heating Tradesman

Roofing & Gutters

Tiler, Plasterer & Concreter

TV & Satellite Installer & Service

Window Cleaner & Glazier

Window, Door & Screen Fitting

Other Trades & Domestic Services Not Listed
  Brick Layer &/or Masonry
  Builder and Building Contractor
  Cabinet Maker &/or Furniture
  Concrete Supply & Formwork
  Demolition &/or Renovation
  Door & Window Frames
  Owner Builders Insurance
  Builders Warranty
  Swimming Pool Construciton
  Excavation & Earthmoving
  Hardware & Builders Supplies
  Roofing & Roof Construction
  Insulation Supply & Installer
  Scaffold Supply & Erection

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Insurance for the Builders & Tradesman industry means self employed people, sole traders, contractors and sub-contractors engaged in the trades & domestic maintenance including an alarm installer & home security, appliance repair & service, carpenter & joiner, cleaner & rubbish removal, electrician, plumber, fencer, erector & installer, garage doors & gates, gardener & lawn mowing service, handyman, home maintenance, landscaping, paving, painter, decorator, pest control & termite inspection, pool & spa maintenance, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, roofing & gutters, tiler, plasterer, concreter, tv & satellite installation & repairs, window cleaner, glazier, door & screen fitting and the building & construction Industry including hardware & builders supplies, brick layer, masonry, building contractor, cabinet maker, furniture manufacturer, concrete pumping, formwork, demolition, renovation, owner builders insurance, builders warranty, swimming pool construction, excavation & earthmoving, roof construction, insulation supply & installation, scaffold erection and scaffolding. RGIB provides the best value Builders Trades & Contractors Business and Liability Insurance at lower premiums including cover for Tools of Trade, business interruption, loss of profits, sickness & accident, life insurance and employers liability. RGIBNZ is an IBANZ Member.
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