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One policy taken out once a year, covering everyone in your firm, for every trip every time

- can it be done….? …. it sure can…!   RGIB specialises in providing a wide range of business insurance products and services to almost 6,000 clients throughout the Australasian region; and annual Business & Corporate Travel insurance policies are becoming increasingly popular with businesses that have staff running around everywhere.

Besides being ‘tax deductable’ a Business & Corporate Travel insurance policy provides a much wider coverage than an ordinary travel insurance policy because its designed to respond to a business traveller’s needs; rather than a holiday maker’s however, a business & corporate travel insurance policy will cover an employee of the insured while on holidays as well – the best of both worlds.

Scope of Cover

Business & Corporate Travel insurance provides protection on a worldwide bases thus, it’s imperative that underwriters have a worldwide support network to ensure they can live up to their promises.

When we arrange business & corporate travel insurance for clients we only deal with established and reliable travel insurance underwriters offering the best products on the market; which must include the following coverage:-

Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses - cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing, ambulance & emergency dental expenses. $Unlimited.


Alternative Staff - cover for the cost of a replacement employee to complete the original assignment if it is necessary for you to return to home as a result of your injury or illness. $15,000

Additional Expenses - cover for additional accommodation & transportation expenses as a result of certain events including injury, sickness, disease, natural disasters, collisions, strikes & lost travel documents. $Unlimited


Loss Of Income a Loss Of Income Benefit is payable if, due to an accidental injury sustained during your journey, you are unable to work on your return to Australia. Limit of $3,000 per month. 12 month limit applies. $36,000

Amendment Or Cancellation Costs - cover, if due to unforeseen circumstances outside your control, a journey has to be re-arranged or cancelled. e.g. illnesses, accidents, extreme weather conditions. $Unlimited


Hospital Incidentals covers the cost of miscellaneous expenses up to $100 per night if you are hospitalised overseas for at least 48 hours $5,000

Luggage And Travel Documents cover for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal effects. Travel documents - cover for replacement cost if lost or stolen. $15,000


Hijacking an allowance of $1,000 for each 24 hour period you are forcibly detained on a means of public transport which has been hijacked. $10,000

Delayed Luggage Allowance cover for the cost of essential emergency purchases overseas if all your luggage is delayed by a transport provider. $2,000


Disability A Disability Benefit is payable if an accidental injury sustained during your journey causes certain disabilities. $50,000*

Rental Car Insurance Excess cover for any rental car insurance excess you become liable to pay as a result of damage to, or theft of, a rental car. $4,000


Accidental Death A Death Benefit is payable (to your estate) if caused by an accidental injury sustained during your journey. $50,000*

Travel Delay cover for additional accommodation expenses if your scheduled transport is delayed for more than 6 hours. $2,000


Personal Liability cover for legal liability if your negligence causes bodily injury or damage to property of other persons. $5,000,000

Money cover for cash which is lost or stolen from your person. $1,000


Kidnap And Ransom - reimbursement for ransom monies paid if you are kidnapped during the journey. $250,000

Extra Territorial Workers Compensation covers insured employer’s legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury sustained by an employee engaged in other than manual duties in an overseas country. Weekly compensation is limited to $500 per week, per traveller. $500,000


Worldwide Cover including the USA & Canada however; where employees &/or are regularly travelling to counties where there is civil conflict or a high risk of civil conflict underwriters will have to be made aware of that fact at the time of taking out the cover.

Extra benefits and limits of cover are available upon request and/or as recommended upon analysis of a client travel insurance requirements.

Just get on the plane and go; once the policy is in place thereís no extra paper work to complete


It’s a fact of life; chances are you’ll be stuck overseas somewhere when it happens – left in a vulnerable position awaiting your insurer to live up to it’s promise to get you out of whatever situation you find yourself in.

This is where so many unfortunate travelers realize that having had the travel agent arrange their business travel insurance was a big mistake; because they weren’t qualified insurance professionals and had no idea of the type, scope or complexity of cover you really needed – certainly they have no sway with the insurer to get them to move quickly for you. 

Whereas, as professional insurance brokers we’re continually monitoring insurance companies responses to our customer claims; we keep insurers on their toes because they know that they have to treat our customers fairly or they won’t get any more business from us.

We’ll make sure your claim is dealt with quickly; and we won’t leave you stranded – after all you are our client and we want you to remain our client forever.

Arranging Cover

The first thing we’ll do is analyse your business and corporate travel insurance requirements by looking at the:-

  • usual destinations management and staff travel to;
  • types of destinations traveled to; ie third world, civil conflict etc’
  • duration of the average  journey;
  • number of journeys expected in the year;
  • nature of work undertaken;
  • seniority of the travelling management & staff;
  • health issues concerning the travelling management & staff;
  • methods of travel, airlines etc’ or high risk alternatives, ie. helicopters etc’

Every underwriter has different [but similar] information they require when considering providing the travel insurance cover proposed; thus, the more information we can provide that is relevant to their consideration often results in a much better deal for our clients.

Gathering the information and presenting it to underwriters is our job.

Appointing RGIB to arrange your firmís business & corporate travel insurance needs is smart move.

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